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The Best Thing About Your Day

9 Conversations that build Curiosity and Connection through Finding Good

Relationships Grow Distant when People Lose Interest.

But, it's not the people that become less interesting, it's the conversations.

When people stop being curious about each other, conversations suffer, connection weakens, and relationships end.

Discover What's New, Interesting, and Meaningful About Each Other Everyday.

And Make Talking About What Really Matters to Each Other Fun and Easy.

We designed the "Best Thing About Your Day" Guide to help people build the spark, interest, and engagement all relationships need.

In ten minutes a day, you can help each other feel better, deepen your relationship, and connect on the things that are important to both of you.

Conversations We Didn't Know We Were Missing

At Finding Good, we come up with new and better ways to use questions to help people build more authentic, productive, and engaging relationships everyday.

So, the first time we tried writing down what we thought the other person would say (part of the process in this download) we were blown away by how much more engaging, impactful, and quite frankly, fun the conversations were almost immediately.

Leveraging our years of experience designing great questions and conversations with a foundation of positive curiosity and neuroscience, we've put together these nine questions so you can have more impact quicker and easier than you might believe possible.

Fun Questions, Serious Impact

Spark Engagement

Finding Good questions are designed with the brain in mind.

The questions included will pull people into the conversation, make them feel like they are the only one in the room, and help them feel important.

You'll experience more energy and excitement with each question.

Build Interest

Finding Good Level 2 questions make deeper and more meaningful conversations easier.

Each question will help the other person talk about what's actually important to them while making each conversation feel new and different.

You'll feel a deeper sense of connection and purpose in ten minutes or less.

Strengthen Connections

The Finding Good process helps both people feel seen, heard, and understood.

The process of giving each other time to ask questions and refrain from advice helps build trust and understanding necessary for strong connections.

You'll quickly notice how much easier it is to talk about the hard things when you connect on the best.

Ready to reset your conversations - and start Finding Good with those around you, in yourself, and in the world?

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