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Who do you want to influence?

Whether it's your kid, your partner, or your employees, the Builders Program will revolutionize the way you build people up.

Realize Your Potential

The best parents, partners, and leaders are constantly searching for better ways to build confidence and clarity in others.

With the Builders program

you'll not only learn a revolutionary process for validating others - you'll build your own confidence through application with real people.

What You'll Learn.

  • What questions build trust and what questions break it

  • How to help others develop self-validation through your questions

  • A process for designing questions using our proprietary FIRES model

  • How to develop emotional intelligence, confidence, and resilience in others through conversation

  • How to identify when validation is happening in others

  • Strategies for clarifying strengths and purpose in yourself and others

The Four Pillars of the Builders Program will turn your new influencing knowledge into a consistent habit of validating, connecting, and inspiring.

Personalized Instruction

Builders programs are limited to twelve people at a time.

This gives you the opportunity to customize your learning to your situation.

Peer to Peer Coaching

Partnering with other participants, you'll not only apply your new skills with real people, you'll get feedback from participants doing the same.

And you'll build new connections that will last a lifetime.

Community Support

With six months of membership included, you'll get access to opportunities to apply your skills weekly for six months.

And you'll be helping real people along the way!

Access to All FG Resources

All participants get access to all Finding Good resources free of charge.

This includes new resources as they are developed.

What You'll Experience

  • Increased confidence through practice

  • Support through our community of Builders

  • Clarity in your abilities through peer to peer coaching

  • An ability to influence you never thought possible

You can learn about great questions in a book, sure.

But to have the confidence to ask them when they're needed the most, or the self awareness to design and adjust questions in real time, or even the clarity needed to know when to just keep the question as is - that's all built through practice.

It's not something you'll find in any course or with any program at this price.

What's Included?

For a limited time, this $3,000 course is available for $1500. But the value included is much more than that.

  • 30+ hours of live Finding Good Conversations
  • 14+ hours of live workshops
  • 12 people per program for individualized instruction
  • 6 months membership access
  • Access to additional resources

Interested? Let us know and we will get you the details.

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