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Live Finding Good conversations, Watch! sessions, and resources to help you build clarity, confidence, and connection with like minded people.

Clarify Your Influence

Most people don't realize the cost of not being able to clearly communicate their strengths, purpose, and influence.

The Finding Good Community helps people discover, articulate, and own the positive impact they have on the world through live FG Conversations with like minded people.

Inspiration and Validation By Design

When no one sees our progress, it can feel like we aren't making any.

Finding Good Conversations bring people together to help each other see the progress they missed and the impact they had through a process called Positive Accountability.

Live, weekly Finding Good Conversations will help you discover how asking powerful questions doesn't just benefit the person answering, they help the person asking discover their power too.

A Community Created To Fill A Void

The Finding Good weekly Live! Sessions began at the start of the pandemic as a way for people feel connected, find clarity, and build inspiration with a single question: "In the last week, what went well because of you?"

Over the years, we developed a ground breaking process for helping people build clarity, confidence, and connection through building Finding Good skills including positive curiosity, accountability, and understanding.

Community members get access to tools, resources, and Live! Sessions that will help them build clarity in others and themselves while turning a revolutionary style of asking questions into a natural habit.

Jump in and experience what's right with you.

What to Expect

The Finding Good Community is real people using the Finding Good Questions and Conversation style (no SOFA, Positive Curiosity etc.) to create a space where people clarify the best in each other.


Finding Good LIVE! Sessions

Sessions are available multiple times a week.

Finding Good Watch! Sessions

Brian is live and recorded once a week.

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What Community Members Experience

“I’m looking forward to learning how to ask better, deeper and stronger questions so that I can make sure everyone I interact with (my husband, my clients, my friends) feels that they are heard and that I truly understand them."



“Asking someone questions without an end goal in mind can be scary. Being able to practice with others in a safe environment has given me the confidence to step into the unknown in the more important situations, with the people closest to me, where the stakes are higher.”


Financial Professional

“The membership has heightened my awareness in conversation. I catch myself tuning out or rehearsing my response and stop. I refocus by coming up with a good question or by validating. It feels really good when I’m able to execute it.”


Founder/Executive Director - Dogsmile Adventures

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