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Have More Productive Conversations

With the Power of Positive Curiosity

Finding Good Foundations will give you the tools you need to start having more engaging conversations and build stronger relationships today.

We all want more authentic and productive conversations.

The Finding Good Foundations Workshop will help you

  • Start asking better questions
  • Stop giving advice, feedback and opinions
  • Have more equally supportive conversations
  • Make encouragement and validation a daily practice

Sign up for this 4 week, live Foundations Workshop to begin building confidence and clarity Together.

Too many people struggle to consistently have positive, productive, and engaging conversations with the people closest to them.

Finding Good Foundations will give you the tools to cut through distractions, break the monotony, and have more memorable conversations everyday.

Your Facilitator

Brian Fretwell, Founder of Finding Good, will be facilitating all four sessions of the workshop. Having designed the process over the last decade, with the help of willing experimenters and really smart co-collaborators, the process is more powerful now than ever.

Designed initially as a way of keeping friends engaged, encouraged, and supported, the Finding Good process has evolved into much more than a positive conversation style. It's now one of the most efficient and effective tools for building confidence and clarity with the people around us while reducing feelings of loneliness that effect over 70% of the population.

We set out to build connection.

We ended up with a process for building more authentic, productive, and engaging relationships while improving our lives at the same time.

Who benefits from this course?

This is a fantastic course for anyone trying to use any of the Finding Good resources or for those interested in joining the live sessions where members having FG Conversations using higher level FG questions.

Parent's looking to positively influence and connect with their kids

Couples looking to have more meaningful and supportive conversations

Leaders looking to more effectively build up their teams

Friends looking for new tools to positively influence those they care about

Anyone looking to have a more positive impact on their world

Workshop Overview

Day 1

Engaging the Lazy Brain

How to engage the disengaged brain.

The problem with problem solving.

Level 1 questions

Day 2

Positive Curiosity

The impact of helping someone feel seen.

Avoiding suggestions, opinions, feedback and advice.

Level 2 questions.

Day 3

Positive Accountability

Communicating confidence with questions.

Authentic interest and challenging assumptions

Level 3 questions

Day 4

Positive Understanding

The power of narrative.

Social learning and questions.

Level 4 questions.

What you'll learn.

  • Designing brain based questions, using our FIRES model, to specifically direct attention to different regions of the brain to create purposeful outcomes

  • How to ask really good follow-ups to find clarity more effectively

  • How listening for context over content makes conversations more powerful

  • What questions increase impact and what questions limit impact

What's Included?

It’s a $500 course with well over $2,500 worth of value.

  • Four 1.5 hour educational modules that you can attend live or watch at your own pace.

  • Access to a positive group of members all working to increase their impact in conversations.

  • Weekly insights, inspiration, and learning.

  • And much more

The investment you'll make into the Foundations course will give you more value than you'll find in any course of its kind.


The 1.5 hour educational modules will be held live If you are unable to attend live, we will send the recorded sessions to you.



  • May 10th

  • May 17th

  • May 24th

  • May 31st



  • June 2nd

  • June 9th

  • June 16th

  • June 23rd

The Finding Good Foundations won't just give you the tools to change lives through conversation - It's a process through which you'll discover your own ability to influence while having a positive impact on others discovering the same.

LIMITED to the first 20 people for each course.

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